Custom Wood Work

Custom Out door kitchen out in Bogalusa La. We built this right beside a beautiful Lake in the woods where there will be many activities with grand kids, family, friends for many years. This customer wanted a structure to last. So, we bought full 10"x10" cedar post, full 2" framing structure with tough and groove decking. After structure was completed, we just spray Thompson water seal to protect the natural look of the wood. Let us know if you or anyone you know is interested in custom projects like this one.

We enjoyed working on this project. Even though this room looks normal, it isn't. The custom built cabinets under the TV have a pull out door, when you open the door a sewing machine lifts up right away. There is also a drawer that pulls out for ironing. We installed the TV for entertaining while watching a game, or during the holidays. We also made this room a day room for reading, or early coffee. Inside to the right of the sink is a small mini fridge for holding wine, drinks, snacks. We love helping design custom Jobs like this one. We like to work with the Home Owners directly to help them design around there needs. If you or anyone you know would like to design around there needs, let us know. We would be glad to assist.


We custom build to fit your needs at home. We use all treated lumber and galvanized ring shank nails. We make our own deck boards out of 2x6 pressure treated boards. We router our edges so that you do not get splinters when you walk on the deck and it also makes the finished product look better. All deck corners are cut at a 45 degree angle at no additional cost. We supply different types of stringers at your preference. We build 90% of our decks on sills, which consist of: 3' deep hole, 4x4 post with concrete, posts cut off level with each other, sills attached properly, deck joists are out of 2x6 or bigger depending on deck size. We can attach your deck to any adjacent structure or slab if requested. Remember we build to fit your needs not ours.


All house additions will follow all parish codes. We can not, and will not cut any corners. If we do not know the code for something on your addition, then we will find out. Our additions will past all codes in your parish. We can add on to your slab, or floating floor. We can build walls to match other walls or paint to match other paint. If you would like to sub out more work, we can do some of the work or find someone for you to use to complete the task. When we are finished, our product will blend in with the existing structure and not look like an add-on.. You have the option of designing your own building or we can sit down and walk through your ideas. I will then design and build it for you. Call us today so we can build the building that is just for you.

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