About Us

Charlie Rick, LLC is a locally owned and operated construction company with offices in Covington LA. Since the year 2000, Charlie and Carla Rick have provided construction services to many satisfied customers on both the North and South shores of Lake Pontchartrain. Charlie Rick LLC's continued success is derived from the fact that we oversee all aspects of the job from signing the contract to finishing the job. We at Charlie Rick are hardworking, honest, reliable, and finish all jobs to customers 100% satisfaction. If you are looking for a one stop shop, you are at the right place. Check us out on; Facebook, Linked-in, Angie's List, Proreferral, YouTube, our just type in Charlie Rick on any search engine and find more information about Charlie Rick companies there. Please read over our site, check out our other sites, and if you have any questions, just click on the contact link above and one of our team members will contact you shortly. Thank you in advance for any and all referrals' given to us :)